Common Questions

Delivery time in Europe is normally 6-8 working days.

We send all our packages with different delivery companies to different countries. At the moment we use Postnord, Budbbe, UPS, DHL and DPD depending on what country. To see specific information regarding your country, see further down in the menu.

Shipping Prices:


Austria           – 14 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Belgium           – 13 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Bulgaria          – 25 € – Free Shipping 99 €(DHL)

Czech Republic    – 13 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Denmark (collect) – 5  € – Free Shipping 99 €(PN)*

Denmark (Home)    – 5  € – Free Shipping 99 €(BB)*

Finland (collect) – 10 € – Free Shipping 99 €(PN)*

France            – 14 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Germany           – 8  € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Italy             – 17 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Luxemburg         – 13 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Netherlands       – 2.5€ – Free Shipping 99 €(BB)*

Norway            – 42 € – No Free Shipping

Poland            – 17 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Portugal          – 17 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Romania           – 17 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Spain             – 17 € – Free Shipping 99 €(UPS)

Sweden (Collect)  – 49 Kr- Free Shipping 699kr(PN)

Sweden (Home)     – 49 Kr- Free Shipping 699kr(BB)



*PN = Postnord (Mypack Collect)

*BB = Budbee Home Delivery











At the moment we can only offer Homedelivery with Budbee. We do only homedelivery to Netherland, Sweden and Denmark. We are working on to get it up and running i more Countries.

Yes the prices are per piece of beer. As for our Bundles, the price for all the beers you see on the page for the beer bundle.

For all information regarding free shipping limits and costs please see further up on the question “What are the shipping costs?”

All purchases requires that you are off legal age of drinking in the purchasing country. Most of our delivery companies will require photo-identification or digitial personal signature. For further information please contact your delivery company in cases were you are asked for identification.

You can use the Budbee’s app for a small fee to decide for yourself if you want to change the delivery time.

We can always try, but many times the breweries have no beer to sell as they sell out on the domestic market or they lack an export permit.

Yes, we pay both Swedish alcohol tax and VAT.


Our subscriptions are sent out between the 1st and 4th of each month. Payment for the subscription will be automaticlly renewed every 1st of the month.

Yes, in the cases we have subscrtion beers left we will start your subscription asap. Otherwise we will inform you regarding when your subscrption will be started.

Payment is made on the 1st of each month by money being automatically deducted from the registered card.

We have no lock-in period but a one-month notice period. It is usually possible to cancel the subscription earlier but not later than the 20th of each month when we pre-order the beer for our subscriptions.

You get 10 beers every month in different styles. A large part of the beer consists of IPA, but other styles such as Sour, Stout and Lager also occur. All beers every month is unique and will not be sent twice.

Obvious! Email us at and we will send you information about what was previously included in the subscriptions.

We have no opportunity to tailor any subscription solutions, all subscribers get the same beer.

Of course you can do that. You can choose another delivery address at checkout and if you want the subscription to be limited in time, email us at and we will solve this for you.

Unfortunately, gift cards can not be used to buy a subscription, but contact us and we can see if we can find a solution for you.