Shipping and delivery

We deliver to all addresses in Sweden, and to most countries in Europe. In Sweden, we use Postnord (covers the whole country) and Budbee (Covers about 70% of Sweden). In the rest of Europe, deliveries also take place via DHL and UPS. Here is more information about our package suppliers.


With PostNord, we deliver to agents or with home delivery (11-14) in Sweden. PostNord’s deliveries cover the whole of Sweden,Denmark and Finland but for home delivery with PostNord there are certain addresses that are not currently reachable. You will automatically receive options for home delivery if it is possible to deliver to your area. Orders placed with Postnord before 15.30 are sent the same day. Estimated delivery time is 3-6 working days. The cost of delivery by postnord is:


Budbee delivers to about 70% of Sweden All Netherland and 50% of Denmark. Delivery takes place through home delivery at 17-22. In smaller cities, delivery can also be made to Budbee Boxes. You can track the delivery in real time after the package has been loaded for delivery to you from Budbee’s central. Orders placed with Budbee before 11.00 will be sent the same day. Estimated delivery time is 3-7 working days. The delivery is climate-compensated.