Our beer subscription gives you 10 new and fresh beer each month. You receive beer in different styles from different microbreweries from around the world. If you enjoy trying new beer and learning the tastes of new styles, this is the perfect solution for you. Each month you receive 10 beers for 64.99€ + shipping.

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Receive monthly beer deliverys which has been released from breweries from around the world. With our subscription service you recieve beer each month which we have carefully selected for you to try. The beer is of different styles and you receive 10 beers each month and never the same beer twice. If you enjoy trying new styles of beer and new breweries this is the perfect solution for you. The packages is being sent out during the first week each month, and contains different sizes and styles of beer. NOTE! WE ACCEPT A LIMITED AMOUNT OF SUBSCRIBERS EACH MONTH.

Save on price and shipping

You will save atleast 10% per month, compared to ordering the beer directly through the page. Shipping is included in the price. We accept a limited amount of subscribers at a time, depending on how much beer we can find and which hold the quality that we seek. NOTE! AS OF RIGHT NOW WE ACCEPT SUBSCRIBERS MONTHLY, A QUEING SYSTEM IS IN PLACE.

How does it work?

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Try new beer, find exciting breweries and get to know new styles of beer.