Mills Brewing – Islay Brut

279 kr

Mills Brewing som är riktigt hypade gör premiär hos oss. En riktigt fin sour med tre olika vört blandningar från 2018.



Slut i lager

Islay Brut is a blend of four barrels from three separate golden worts produced in March, May, and August 2018. One of the brews fermented in small Islay whisky barrels, imparting aromas of maritime peat smoke.

After blending in Spring 2020, a large quantity of golden caster sugar was added for a period of refermentation. This produced a strong, dry beer with sweet, smoky and spicy aromatics.

Finally, the beer received a large dose of primings to produce a rolling, Champagne-type, carbonation. Serve at fridge temperature and pour gently.


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